About Us


Grant started his HVAC Career in 1996.   With this experience Grant and his team can offer you a wide range of residential and small commercial HVAC services.  

What we Believe

At Grants Heating and Air, we believe in delivering a lasting customer experience. We find pride in getting to know our customers, understanding your individual and family needs and providing additional education. It is imperative that we complete a thorough and professional evaluation and installation of your HVAC equipment. What drives us is quality over quantity, to us spending the extra time to ensure our customers feel valued is the difference.

Our Mission

  • Providing a world class customer experience.
  • Industry leading professionalism, honesty and consistency.
  • Going the extra mile and doing the job right the first time.
  • Experience and education that shows in every job we do.
  • Protecting the safety of our customers and not cutting corners to save money.
  • Treating our customers like we would our own family.